Greater Hunter Makers Festival 2018 BUSINESS VISITOR REGISTRATION

21 & 22 September 2018



The objectives of the Greater Hunter Makers and Technology Festival 2018 are:

  1. To showcase our regional manufacturing and technology capabilities to generate new business
  2. To change the perceptions of the community about modern manufacturing
  3. To demonstrate the strength of our teaching and research relationships; and
  4. To showcase our “technology community” which transcends age and occupation and which is our powerhouse for our industry to face the future.

Exhibitors will comprise:

  • Innovative manufacturing and technology companies;
  • Start-ups,
  • Researchers,
  • University and TAFE activities,
  • STEM school projects and activities

We are targeting 70 exhibitors. Names of companies and their industries will be progressively added to our website from mid-June 2018.

Manufacturing and technology companies in the Greater Hunter Region operate in construction, mining equipment and infrastructure, Defence, aerospace, electric and other special vehicles, environmental and other professional and technical services, engineering service companies etc.

A great place to live and invest

The Greater Hunter Region has scale as a functioning engineering and technology region:

  1. The Hunter has deep engineering skills and abilities from 150 years plus in manufacturing and engineering and trade training;
  2. We still have “trade families” and a ripe field for recruiting for tradespersons and technicians;
  3. The STEM engagement in our schools would be the highest in Australia and provide us with a highly capable current and future workforce;
  4. The Skills Point (centre of excellence) for TAFE NSW in Advanced Manufacturing, Robotics and Science is headquartered in Newcastle;
  5. The University of Newcastle is ranked 7th in the world in research in automated control systems;
  6. A vibrant start-up community;
  7. Plentiful employment lands and supportive Local Government bodies;
  8. Manufacturing and technology companies are actively seeking involvement in global supply chains to broaden their markets;
  9. Innovation in our companies and institutions is inspiring, widespread and growing.

Hunter manufacturing (and the Hunter Region) has a lot going for it but few people outside the region, know about it. Come along, bring your colleagues and family members, see and experience “the vibe of the thing” for yourself.

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